Friday, February 5, 2016

Arriving in Israel

Hi everyone! As many of you know, I am studying in Israel with a program called NFTY-EIE for the spring semester of my junior year.  My plane landed at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday, January 25 around 2:30 Israeli time (so back on the East Coast it would be 7:30).  However, not everyone from the program was there the first day due to many plane cancellations after the snowpocolypse.  It ended up being not a big deal as the rest of the people arrived by Wednesday.  So, now we are all settled and together on Kibbutz Tzuba, our home for the next four months. 

Since we were waiting for people to arrive, we have not really done very much so far.  On Monday, since everyone was completely exhausted, we just did a couple ice breaker games with our fellow EIEers and then were free to go to bed.  Tuesday, we woke up and headed breakfast.  Breakfast is pretty cool since it’s not the standard “pancakes and bacon”.  They serve many things, including salads with cucumbers and tomatoes (Israeli Salad), pita bread, and chocolate filled croissants.  After, we prepared some posters for some of the people arriving that day.  Lunch is also in interesting experience.  So far, I have basically eaten the same things for lunch and dinner.  I usually eat schnitzel, rice, and hummus.  I would say it’s excellent.  However, one of the nights we were served pizza with corn on it!! It was super weird; I would not say it’s my favorite. 

Wednesday, we were given an orientation to our classes.  First, we were placed into Hebrew classes.  The range of Hebrew skills if from fluent to not knowing anything.  We had our first Jewish History class Wednesday, too.  It seems pretty tough, but our teacher said as long as we put in a lot of effort we will be fine. :-)  We were given our general studies schedule and introduced to our teachers.  They all seem super nice and classes start on Thursday.  Sooooo excited (lol not)!!!!!!!!!

Well, everything is so super fun so far, and I am ecstatic to be here.  I have made so many new friends and memories already, and I cannot wait to make more!  I can’t wait to tell y’all (as my new Texas friend says) more and especially about our first trip, which is coming up soon!!


Amber Soffer

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  1. So happy to read this Amber! We ask Morah Robyn about you every day, Sammy, Daniella and Eden say hi!